Zenfuse — an overview by Cryp2Gems

Revolutionary Trading Platform

zenfuse.io was founded in August 2019 (Moscow, Russia) with a goal to build an ultimate all-in-one solution for cryptocurrency trading with built-in connectivity to major exchanges, a next-gen toolset, analytics, portfolio management, news aggregation, set within an ecosystem extensible by developers. Zenfuse platform allows you to trade on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges from one secure account on both desktop and mobile.

Zenfuse highlights:

-One interface for trading and unified market access
-Analytics tools: Analyze the market and spot opportunities that others might miss.
-Smart algorithms: Automatic news aggregation feature (collecting news from 20+ different channels as well as social media like Twitter, Medium and Reddit), diverse order types (including ladder and OCO orders), and portfolio analysis tools make managing your investments easy.
-Stop-loss orders: Limit your losses or take profits automatically using Zenfuse’s advanced trailing stop-loss orders.
-Auto panic sell: For when the market takes a turn for the worse, automatically exit all open positions at the best available rates.
-Rebalancer: Rebalance your portfolio with just one click, taking the guesswork out of cryptocurrency investments.
-Collections: Create and track a list of cryptocurrencies, and share your investment plans either publicly or privately.
-40+ exchanges integrated, all major centralized and decentralized exchanges are covered
-MVP is ready to demo and the live version will be out Q4 2020
-Zenfuse is a trading terminal, to start using it you need to provide your API key from the exchange you want to trade from (no extra liquidity needed)
-no KYC needed

*Yuriy Kovalev — CEO & Founder
Fron-end dev in several projects since 2012. His latest position was at F2Pool as Creative Director
*Alex Peresichan — CTO
Working in development and leading technical teams since 2005. Alex launched several software ventures. He founded software development SaaS agency tehnobit.io.
*Dima Braven — CPO
Dima is an award-winning UI and UX designer with almost a decade of experience giving the highest-end technology products a sublime design. He founded itmeo.com platform for quick creation of a professional website. Itmeo.com has been used by professionals at blue-chip enterprises such as IBM, Microsoft, and Disney.

*Florian Wimmer — Advisor
Florian is a co-founder and CEO of Blockpit, a sophisticated tax and portfolio management software for cryptocurrency users. Listed on the Forbes 30 under 30.


*Seed 20 million tokens (unknown price but locked for 36 months)
*Private 1 16 million tokens for $0,038 ($608k) with 30% unlocked and 2x 25% tokens each following 30 days and last 20% 90 days after listing
*Private 2 14 million tokens for $0,040 ($560k) with 25% unlocked and 25% monthly vesting

Private sale hard cap: $1,168M

Initial circ market cap: $350k
Total token supply: 200 million ZEFU

Calculation of initial listing:
*Private 1 30%….4,8 M ZEFU — $182,4k
*Private 2 25%….3,5 M ZEFU — $140k

Private sale unlock value is $322,4k

Zenfuse is currently holding a private sale for strategic partners.

ZEFU tokens will be listed on Uniswap and on another CEX by the end of September based on the public info provided by the team.

*Seed sale 10%
*Private sales 15%
*Liquidity 45%
*Oper Reserves 6,75%
*Team & Advisors 11,75%
*ZEFU Vault 6,75%
*ZEFU Fund 2,5%
*Community Campaigns 2,25%

Team and advisor tokens are locked for 24 months. After that period they get 10% quarterly. The extra 90M token for the liquidity and operational tokens will not affect the market cap at all, these token are allocated mainly for staking which will launch 12 months after launch for the loyal user.

The Zenfuse (ZEFU) token is used within the Zenfuse ecosystem and platform. The primary use case of the ZEFU token is to gain access to the platform and enable all features.
ZEFU token is also used for purchasing items from the App Store, rewards, secure gateway API usage. Staking is also planned after approximately one year since the launch of the platform and will be intended to reward users for their loyalty and the tokens which they stake will enable access to generate revenue which will reward loyalty.

Zenfuse partnered with 9ZERO just recently which will help to promote their trading platform to South Korean and Japanese markets.

All in all, Zenfuse seem like an interesting all-in-one trading and asset management solution with an almost ready product that will lunch in the following months. Interesting project to follow and a product to try out.




Researchers & fundamental analysts (::) Building crypto thirsty Cryp2Gem community. Searching and researching for blockchain future disruptive innovators.

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Researchers & fundamental analysts (::) Building crypto thirsty Cryp2Gem community. Searching and researching for blockchain future disruptive innovators.

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