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22 min readSep 6, 2020

CryptoCaBital hosted an AMA with Ultra.io

Dear reader!

CryptoCaBital was honored to host team Ultra and get a chance to do a live interview with them on the 16th of January 2020.
We welcomed Co-CEO Nicolas Gilot, Co-CEO David Hanson and Lead Community Manager Emmanuel Gimenez together with a special guest David the Co-CEO!

Lots of interesting and essential topics were covered during this live event, so we made a summary for all that were not able to attend the AMA or anyone who just wants to go through the content again.

Ultra is a blockchain-based games publishing platform and marketplace that offers solutions to both developers and players with the goal to disrupt the game market system.


You can join their telegram chat room here: https://t.me/ultra_io

CryptoCaBital also invited true fans — the UltraFans from the community to join our team for the following live event. Those guys are amongst the ones with the most knowledge about the Ultra in general as well as on the current hot topics.

I would like to thank our VIP team from the community…UltraFans! We made a great team together and had a blast with and around the AMA!

In between the AMA, we had some interesting facts posted and we included those in the summary as well. Those are titled with DYK (Did You Know?).
IT was really a vibrant and enjoyable discussion from both sides. To be able to give a small taste of it here on Medium, we also added the small reactions which are not directly an answer nor a question.


Q1 CryptoCaBital: Nicolas @nighty9 and Emmanuel @Emmanuel_Ultra and David @davidhultra could you please introduce yourself, tell us a bit about Ultra in a few sentences? How did it all start for you?

Emmanuel — Team Ultra: So I’m Emmanuel Lead CM of Ultra, I’m in the crypto space since 2013, and I joined Ultra 2.5 years ago because I believe it’s the project that has the best proposition to onboard millions of users in the Blockchain space. 😊

CryptoCaBital: Great. You’re in crypto for a long time. :)

Emmanuel — Team Ultra: Lost a few hairs since I joined this crazy space.

David — Team Ultra: My name is David Hanson, I’m Co-CEO of Ultra. I’ve been running businesses for almost 20 years now and have been operating specifically in the game industry for 10 years. I started the video game fun in China and lived there 8 years during which I’ve built one mobile game development company and a PC game development studio that was later acquired by Kingsoft.

Nicolas — Team Ultra: I’ve been working with David for 10 years+, we built several companies together as Co-CEOs, Mobile game studio, PC game studio, Monetization strategy consulting for Games (f2p etc), Game console (Hardware and software of it)., a lot of those were set up in China where I lived for ~8years I’ve been following Bitcoin (and mining back then) since 2011.

CryptoCaBital: Awesome, David and Nicolas, you are both already active for a long period. You don’t often see that in this space.

Q2 CryptoCaBital: Today we have special help from UltraFans! Could you guys please introduce your selves briefly before we move on to the next questions?

Sypher — UltraFan: My name is Sypher, I am just an Ultra investor who can’t look away because it is soooo exciting.

B0x — UltraFan: Hey guys, B0x here, been in crypto since ETH 5$, found Ultra a few months back and have been a big supporter of them since, looking forward to a great AMA today. :)

Dominique — UltraFan: Hi guys! I’m Dominique. Since 2017 very interested in the cryptospace.

I have experienced that we had to dial in with a modem to get on the internet. Then I saw the internet evolve and it was clear to me that blockchain was the next step. With Ethereum, I believed that we would replace existing applications in no time. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen for various reasons.

Now we are 3 years later and I’m more than ever convinced that ULTRA is going to be the step towards the mass adaptation of blockchain technology.

Emmanuel — Team Ultra: Thank you, Dominique, very kind words. I have joined Ultra as a team member for the same reasons.

CKA Jimbo — UltraFan: Thanks for the kind intro and it’s a pleasure to be invited to participate in this AMA.

Q3 CryptoCaBital: Why would anybody want to use Ultra? What makes you different from your competition?

Nicolas — Team Ultra: Ultra is a large project that encompasses more than simply distributing games like Steam or Epic would do today; it’s a full ecosystem that offers to players a one-stop-shop where they can purchase (and resell) games, watch live streaming (Twitch/Mixer/…), participate to esports tournaments, betting on matches, communicate with their friends through voice chat/chat, the full experience. So the question would be more why do you still need to use other services outside of Ultra when they would be available with one single ecosystem and all interconnected.
For the businesses (game developers, influencers, streamers, …), we provide many new revenue streams and ways to acquire users at a cheaper cost, very exciting for them as well.


Q4 CryptoCaBital: Recently Ultra partnered with AMD which skyrocketed 152% in 2019. AMD will supply its chips to gaming consoles including Sony’s PS5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. Is there a chance you get involved in consoles game distribution in the future as well?

Nicolas — Team Ultra: We did work in the console space already, with AMD as well and Microsoft (we were running Windows also, the same way the new Xbox is planning to work :)), so we are very well connected with everything related. Ultra is very versatile and flexible, our solution can be easily integrated with games consoles and there are a lot of advantages we can provide to them, can’t go further into details but there is definitely an interest there.

David — Team Ultra: The technology we are building is fully cross-platform and any game distribution platform, hardware or software-based would benefit from using our technology. As some of you might know, Nicolas and I have built in the past a video game console for the Chinese market that had its own custom APU made by AMD. We know exactly what the console manufacturers’ needs are so we are in a very good position to be a technology solution provider.

Q5 @Dankokoro from the community: There’s a recent rumor that the new Xbox will allow it’s users to play games from their Steam libraries. If it’s true, will it possible that they could also play games from their Ultra libraries?

Nicolas — Team Ultra: Totally, we are building for PC games so we are already compatible with Windows and also for gamepads controls. It wouldn’t be a problem to make Ultra available using an Xbox.

DYK Global games market revenues in 2019 were $148.8 billion in total and almost $32 billion worth of boxed & downloaded PC games.

Q6 CryptoCaBital: Looks like EU doesn’t like how Valve runs Steam as court rules Steam games must be able to be resold. Valve will appeal the verdict and the resolution won’t happen just yet. But this is good for Ultra…what do you think?

Emmanuel — Team Ultra: In reality this verdict kind of surprised us about how soon it came, but it really proves that our solution is not only the best, but it’s unavoidable.

We always thought that it wasn’t normal for a player to not own their games, the current model isn’t fair, you are buying a game, not renting it.

Ultra we allow the true ownership of your games with NFTs, but also the ownership of your in-game assets, such as items, accounts, etc.

What’s important when you provide second-hand resale of games is that you need to strike a good balance between the developer’s core business model and the player’s ability to resell his game without undermining the developer’s business. Ultra Solves this.

CryptoCaBital: So its fully digitalized, and when players are done with the game they can sell it with NFT’s, and the ownership transfers to the buyer? Is that a correct assumption?

Emmanuel — Team Ultra: All games on Ultra are NFTs. They can resell it when they want, and the game dev can take a cut from each resell.

David — Team Ultra: That’s correct but the depth of it is also a matter of the developer’s decision and game design. They could tokenize user progression or only tokenize the game, it’s up to them.

DYK Ubisoft is the mainstream gaming giant behind Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Splinter Cell, and many more AAA hits. Maby it’s hard to believe, but Ubisoft joined Ultra’s blockchain testnet as an infrastructure partner and Corporate Block Producer.

Although Ubisoft has no immediate plans to incorporate blockchain technology, they could begin developing blockchain-dependent games for the Ultra platform in the future.

Their ultimate goal is to allow players to become stakeholders of their games!

Q7 CKA Jimbo — UltraFan: Given the recent announcements regarding partnerships with AMD and Ubisoft, can we expect other partnerships with established names in the gaming space over the next year?

Nicolas — Team Ultra: We signed up over 150 game publishers and developers, so short answer, yes :) We are also actively working with non-developer companies as well (like AMD) such as hardware manufacturers, service providers, that will be announced at some point.

CryptoCaBital: Those are already signed ones? When will you guys go public with those?

Nicolas — Team Ultra: Yes, we don’t have a fixed date on when we will release the details, it’s part of a larger plan.

CryptoCaBital: Together with the secret sauce? :))

Nicolas — Team Ultra: It will be released at different times :) The secret sauce will be secret for some more time, we can’t give a heads up to the companies we’ll be competing with when it will be announced we’ll already have a good amount of users so it can be a big splash.


Q8 CKA Jimbo — UltraFan: Ultra has been busy at work during the ‘crypto winter’ while many projects have folded. What advantages does surviving such conditions give Ultra?

David — Team Ultra: Survivors have to build a reputation and lots of scammers disappeared, we can now speak about blockchain without automatically being considered scam projects.

Emmanuel — Team Ultra: Compare to other projects, Ultra is building for more than 2 years, people that don’t know our project yet will be surprised by how advanced it is when we will release it. IMO.

Q9 CryptoCaBital: Do you think game streaming solutions like Google Stadia or Microsoft xCloud might diminish the use of games downloading platforms like Steam or Ultra? There are issues with latency and graphical quality due to game compression but there is no doubt that will improve.

David — Team Ultra: It’s too early to get into this space unless you are Google or Microsoft and ready to lose billions of dollars. It’s a long term game and we believe acquiring users first on our platform using proven and preferred tech and later IF/WHEN the streaming tech is ready we can add such an option and convert our users or a portion of our users to this technology.

Q10 B0x — UltraFan: Guys, in your latest Twitter posts and interview with MaxDapp you are confident to go live and onboard millions of users in 2020. Please describe the high-level steps that will make this happen!

David — Team Ultra: We have partners on board that is incentivized to transfer their existing userbase to Ultra. Their benefits for doing this are protected by our blockchain technology.

B0x — UltraFan: I was very impressed by your core strategy: generate an additional revenue stream for a big partner (in this case AMD) to get them on board. This key principle shows you have experience and understand business. Feel free to add a bit more detail to how you did this with AMD.

David — Team Ultra: AMD has multiple hundreds of millions of users, they intend to cater and care for them but also they have a need for technology improvements on their side too. This partnership will allow them to get direct access to our game developers builds in order to optimize their drivers before the game even releases. There are other reasons we work together but its an important one for them.

DYK Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Non-Transferable Tokens (NTTs) are one of the main features and even amongst the most important advantages of Ultra.

Amongst the first NFTs to ever exist was called Colored Coins, made of small denominations of a bitcoin, like a single satoshi. The creation of Colored Coins led many people to realize the massive potential for issuing assets onto blockchains.

Back in 2014 Counterparty allowed asset creation amongst others. It had numerous projects and assets, including a trading card game and meme trading. In 2016, people began to issue “rare pepes” on the Counterparty platform as assets. A rare pepe is a type of meme featuring a frog character.

Source: https://bit.ly/38ayHdZ

Q11 @Ronalddddd from the community: Enjin is also one of the most successful projects in blockchain gaming, is there a possibility that Ultra and Enjin will have a partnership?

Nicolas — Team Ultra: It is possible, we do have our own NFT standard though and will provide it to all the publishers and developers we signed up, both for their game license and game assets (virtual items, accounts, etc…). This said, the ecosystem grows fast and it’s a moving target, its possible each side will make available each other’s NFTs on their marketplace for example.

Q12 @zisu001 from the community: As I know Ultra is a member blockchain game alliance. Which mission and vision do BGA aim for that make Ultra believe it’s suitable for your project to join in and which advantage can this bring to both alliance and your project?

Nicolas — Team Ultra: Ultra is one of the founders of the BGA so we didn’t really go into the same route as others, we mainly worked all together to define what is the BGA’s goal, attract interesting new members and grow the BGA to be able to have a maximum reach in the industry. The goal of the BGA is to promote blockchain and gaming interactions, both to bring developers to create game services and applications using blockchain, but also large scale game companies to embrace blockchain for their future games.

Q13 @letoutou: Chinese strict regulations and restrictions are tough on the enterprises, foreign startups will have it even more difficult. What is your strategy on moving into such territory as China is one of the markets you want to conquer?

David — Team Ultra: Ultra has built its technology to fit and comply with most market needs.

For certain special markets like China, we secured an Operator deal. This operator is a local partner, that will handle all the regulations, restrictions and special needs. They will run Ultra, moderate it, promote it and extend it but also contribute to acquiring local video game content and move their existing user base to the platform.

While we can’t announce the name yet, we can already say it’s one of the biggest video game companies in China. We are working right now to replicate this deal in “Special” markets such as South Korea, South East Asia, Japan, and Russia.

Q14 Sypher — UltraFan: Ubisoft made a mistake by pushing microtransactions in their lastest AAA games, now their next releases have much less money to work with. It’s very interesting to see them Join the BlockChain gaming alliance. How much influence does Ultra have in the Alliance, for example, in the way that the ecosystem could run vs. the way they want to monetize everything (pay to win)?

Gamers want to see the Oasis done in a true democracy type of governance.

My question is, do you believe that Ubisoft will change or be forced to take the more altruistic approach?

Nicolas — Team Ultra: Ultra is one of the founders and board members, but we can’t directly influence decisions taken by its members. Ubisoft is an awesome company and been around since the beginning of game development, they have a strategic lab as well to explore new opportunities so I believe they are always quite ahead and looking for the next big thing.

CryptoCaBital: Ubisoft is also one of the founders of BGA right? Does your partnership have roots from there?

Nicolas — Team Ultra: Not really related no, we know Ubisoft for many years already and some of our employees worked there, we discussed several opportunities with them. Being in the same alliance strengthens ties but can’t say it emanates from there.

DYK Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Non-Transferable Tokens (NTTs) prove authenticity and ownership at the moment they are created. Any virtual items on the blockchain can be created with such unique NFT tokens. If the developer needs additional not tradeable and non-transferable features such as permission access, licenses, and certificates to make ownership more decentralized, the NTT tokens can be created for such purposes. Ultra blockchain will distribute and tokenize the games themselves with their NFT technology. Owners of the NFTs will be able to transfer those tokens or even sell them on a decentralized marketplace.

Q15 CryptoCaBital: Have you seen a lot of changes happening after the partnerships with AMD and Ubisoft when it comes to finding partnerships, community and did it made any changes to your roadmap?

Emmanuel — Team Ultra: As a community manager I’ve to see tremendous changes. We have now more community members, and our twitter account doubled his follower count! Also, it opens up new possibilities in terms of crypto marketing, it gives us a lot of credibilities.

CryptoCaBital: That I can imagine. Especially from the marketing perspective. What was the key driver that made these partners go with Ultra? Of that, you can share of course.

Emmanuel — Team Ultra: They are simply convinced we have a shot to become one major actor in the gaming industry ;-) that would be the short answer. But there is indeed a lot of different reasons, more actors want to be involved in blockchain, and our team (CEOs, CTO, CSO, etc.) are well known in the gaming industry, so they have confidence we can achieve our goals.

CryptoCaBital: So are we and especially Samo (from CryptoCaBital Team btw), who is one of your biggest fans as far as I know. He keeps selling the project to us.


Q16 @zisu001 from the community: How will Ultra check and verify the content of games which are going to be public on your platform and what will happen with games that have malicious content as well as its developers?

Emmanuel — Team Ultra: Like any platform, we will have the responsibility of what is published on Ultra. Imagine someone in a basement who starts selling a Ubisoft game illegally in our store. Ultra needs to retain the right to verify content and exclude malicious content.

Q17 CryptoCaBital: The recent EOS airdrop clogged the network. Can this be prevented on Ultra as it has permissioned access and more centralized nature of governing system controlled by your team and the block producers? Or any other security features that were implemented?

David — Team Ultra: UOS manages resources very differently than EOS. Unlike EOS, UOS can use 100% of its CPU capacity at all times. To get your transaction through when capacity is reached, you need to have more quota than others. Core platform services will be protected by unique priority rules. For instance, a badly implemented airdrop will not impede on UOS’s and Ultra’s core business services, therefore, spamming the network with crap is not going to affect Ultra Games at all.

Q18 Richie_Munro — UltraFan: Are there any games that are currently being tested on Ultra that we know of, any big titles?

Nicolas — Team Ultra: We are currently testing the platform with developers, it’s not really about the titles but mainly about the functionalities of the platform and the ease of use that they are testing and providing feedback on. Big titles will be added to the platform when we are about to release the player beta.

CryptoCaBital: AMD helps with testnet as well right?

Nicolas — Team Ultra: AMD works with us on deeper aspects than the testnet, more news to come :)

CryptoCaBital: So much news yet to come!

DYK You can already check how Ultra’s Closed Beta looks like?

Check out this video…after the AMA of course ;) https://bit.ly/2Pp3zkp

Q19 Sypher — UltraFan: How will Ultra be able to offer rated R material and be sure of the Age/Location of the user?

David — Team Ultra: We have geofencing enabled, and the purchase of the game can be limited to age ratings too.

Q20 Dominique — UltraFan: A developer can determine whether a game can be resold over time. Is this a one-time event or can a game be resold multiple times?

Nicolas — Team Ultra: Yes, it’s in the developers’ hands, we have a very flexible solution that offers the capacity to set duration, time of reselling, frequency, price range, etc… no stones left unturned.

Q21 Dominique — UltraFan: Will there be an ULTRA block-explorer where we can see which games are being sold, where, for how much, etc?

David — Team Ultra: Yes!

B0x — UltraFan: Amazing!

Emmanuel — Team Ultra: Yes, it’s totally part of the transparency proposition of Blockchain.

Ultra will have his own Block explorer where you will be able to track everything. It will be very useful for users but also game devs.

Q22 CKA Jimbo — UltraFan: Which future application of ULTRA excites you the most personally?

Emmanuel — Team Ultra: Personally, it’s how it can transform games and the way you play games. The more persistent universe, where you can earn money by playing.

David — Team Ultra: The secret sauce we still have to announce! :D

DYK The Ultra SDK (Software Development Kit) will allow devs to build new games on all the major game engines and coding languages and easily deploy on Ultra.

SDK has a very straightforward UI with easy to access features. Ultra also offers Cloud Code, which allows corrections without having to release a full patch update of the game and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) creation.

Q23 B0x — UltaFan: What are the key advantages of the Ultra product compared to Wax? For game devs and gamers?

Nicolas — Team Ultra: Wax is providing an NFT trading platform, Ultra is providing an ecosystem where we have Ultra Games which is a game distribution solution like Steam but will also offer NFT trading, alongside other services that come from 3rd parties. So in a sense, you could see Wax inside of Ultra, if we didn’t have our own solution, but not the other way around as we are a platform providing many services, not one service.

Q24 @zisu001 from the community: Is there a reward ranking system to classify developers who have many great contributions to the Ultra platform?

Nicolas — Team Ultra: We have a staking solution for developers in UOS, to provide several advantages to them.


Q24 CryptoCaBital: Can you explain how paying block producers with inflation works? What is the inflation share that will be earned by the BPs?

David — Team Ultra: Atm, the EOS network is at risk if the EOS coin crashes for x y z reason because the cost of running nodes might end up being higher than the EOS rewards. To avoid this, UOS is rewarding developers in UOS coins based on its current market value and a targeted monthly BP fee + profit %. It’s more complicated than that but in essence, imagine running a BP costs 10.000 USD per month, we will pay them in UOS the equivalent of 12.000 USD per month. It’s all calculated on-chain and no human intervention is needed.

Inflation will be minimal because of this. We control the earnings and we’re able to let block producers increase their hardware and server costs according to real demand, meaning less inflation will occur when the network starts, and it will increase to support the increasing server needs.

Q25 Dominique — UltraFan: This is my last question. Thanks for all the answers! Will there be a trophy system on Ultra like on the PS4 for example?

Emmanuel — Team Ultra: With NFTs it will be wayyyyyy better than what we have on PS4! :)

DYK Ultra has recently made a strategic partnership with AMD, the world’s top high-performance processors and graphic product developer. AMD will work with Ultra to optimize the Ultra blockchain on the private testnet as on the mainnet for people using AMD processors and graphics cards with the Ultra platform.

There will be many co-marketing activities. One example is when a customer buys a graphics card, it comes with a free game, redeemable only on Ultra.

Players will also have the ability to install the Ultra directly from the AMD drivers.

Q26 @paraphan from the community: Besides being a PC game distribution platform, I saw on the website that Ultra currently serves 33 billion ads per day too. This will attract a lot of investors since the project already has a really useful use case. Problem with almost all blockchain projects out there. Which specific tech did your team use for the ads (since this number is awesome) and is it developed by Ultra team?

Nicolas — Team Ultra: The tech was developed by team members previously, very helpful for setting up our ad platform within Ultra, Ultra Ads will offer similar tools as you would see for Facebook Ads (not from day one of course), so game developers, brands, … can participate to the ecosystem and advertise, users being rewarded in UOS

Q27 CryptoCaBital: There was some talking about adults only 18+ games in the chat a few days ago. Is that something Ultra is really interested in? Is there a big enough market for such games?

David — Team Ultra: We’re interested and are exploring options :)

CryptoCabital: Is there a big enough market at all? Asia?

David — Team Ultra: Its huuuuge by the matter and fact! ^^ But its “underground” atm.

CryptoCaBital: Grab the bull by the horns!

Q28 B0x — UltraFan: How many developers are currently working at Ultra? How many more are you trying to hire right now?

Nicolas — Team Ultra: We are looking to hire ~4–6 devs a month, it’s not an easy task, but that’s the goal, that’s why we are looking to open offices in additional countries such as Spain. We have a team of about 50 full-time now, a good chunk is developers.

B0x — UltraFan: Thanks Nicolas and to all the team, we’re very excited for 2020!

CryptoCaBital: That is a huge workflow incoming to Ultra…amazing! And congratulations!

Q29 Richie_Munro — UltraFan: Ultra is starting to gain momentum, have you found an influx of companies coming to you recently? And are they mostly Indie or mainstream?

Nicolas — Team Ultra: Many companies are coming to us yes from the blockchain space, on the game side we are already connected to the ones we need to. :)

Q30 CKA Jimbo — UltraFan: What can we do as individuals to help Ultra’s progression?

Emmanuel — Team Ultra: Totally!! If you are a dev, a gamer, or just believe in our project, you can help us, by simply spreading information regarding our projects to people and communities that you think could be interested!

Q31 CryptoCaBital: Anything you want to add Nicolas, David, and Emmanuel to our members? Something juicy that gets people over the edge of buying into the project long term?

Emmanuel — Team Ultra: If you care about blockchain adoption, even if you are not a gamer, you should join our community: https://t.me/ultra_io

Our objective is not only to revolutionize the gaming industry but also to onboard millions of users on Blockchain. Gaming and blockchain are a perfect match! And you should care even if you are not a gamer. :)

CryptoCaBital: That’s certain. Together with the announcement coming soon from AMD (at least we hope) and the partnerships you have, its gonna be a great year for Ultra I am sure.

Thank you, Nicolas and Emmanuel, for your time and devotion. Your answers were extensive and comprehensive. We all wish you all the best! Keep up the awesome progress and news flow. We are really looking forward to the new roadmap that you are about to publish.

Nicolas — Team Ultra: Thanks everyone, it was a great session, good questions, and community!

David — Team Ultra: Thank you guys, it was a pleasure answering your questions. ^^ Feel free to join our telegram channel to keep up to date with what we’re doing! https://t.me/ultra_io.

Emmanuel — Team Ultra: I want to thanks all the CryptoCabital channel, and awesome work admin, it’s really a well-animated AMA you got here, very cool :)

Join us for the next AMA and try to guess our live quizzes as well!

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You can reach some of the previous team members in the Crypt2Gem community.

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Samo Cryp2Gem

Quiz Questions during the AMA where:

1. What is Ultra?
a) a very fast blockchain with amazing throughput of 1 million TPS
b) a blockchain-based games publishing platform and marketplace
c) Konami Group’s blockchain game developing platform
d) blockchain-based games developing platform and marketplace
e) it’s a blockchain game

2. The global downloaded PC games market is currently worth:
a) $148.8 billion
b) $31.8 million
c) ($31.8 billion)
d) $160.275 billion
e) no idea

3. The biggest competitor of Ultra takes a very big 30% share of game revenues. Ultra will take only a 15% cut. This video game digital distribution service platform that once disrupted the games market goes by the name:
a) Steam
b) Gas
c) Stadia
d) Enjin
e) Tencent

4. Ultra blockchain will run on:
a) EOS with tailored EOSIO software
b) Bitcoin
c) Ultra has it’s own blockchain
d) Ethereum
e) Stellar Lumens

5. What is a feature in Ultra’s ecosystem, which allows corrections without having to release a full patch update of the game?
a) CodeAnywhere
b) ADS
c) SDK Cloud Code
d) Cloud Patch
e) no such feature available

6. What is an NTT (also a solution Ultra’s ecosystem will offer?
a) Non-Fungible Token
b) Non-Transferable Token
c) Non-Token Token
d) Nippon Telegraph and Telephone
e) NianLun Time Token

7. Ubisoft joined Ultra as a block producer (BP). Other BPs are?
a) Bitfinex, EOS Rio & EOS NY
b) Bitrue, EOS Amsterdam & EOS Miami
c) CoinOne, EOSIO & EOS Canada
d) only AMD
e) AMD, Bitfinex, EOS Rio & EOS NY

8. Ultra recently made a partnership with AMD! What is one of the advantages of this collaboration?
a) Ritche Corpus consensually left AMD for Ultra
b) they get a new important node
c) AMD will name one of their ultra-high performance processors after them
d) you can buy graphics cards and processors on the Ultra desktop App
e) buying an AMD graphic card you get a free game, redeemable only on Ultra

Correct Answers are:
1B (2C) 3A 4A 5C 6B 7A 8E
(Second question was incorrectly offered, so didn’t count for the winners).

Winners are:
@Josep_BlocksBarcelona 400 UOS
@Serqei2408 300 UOS
@ben0x 200 UOS
@ridemymagicarpet 150 UOS
@Druejuice 150 UOS
Congrats on winning the quiz.

Social Media contest has been done as well and a total of 1000 UOS is going to be distributed towards:
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