Radix — Tech Overview by Cryp2Gem

DeFi itself needs to be disrupted before it can disrupt TradFi! Enter Radix _-*

Community report — by Hermes Radvocado

Looking for the One.

1. Dan & Radix’s journey in full
CopperCasts: Show & Tell w/Piers Ridyard

Finding the One.

2. Excerpt from the Radix DeFi whitepaper

1. Scalability <-> Composability

2. Buildability: securely <-> quickly

3. VIDEO: Radix Engine V2 Build DeFi dApps Quickly & Securely
4. A Radix discord nugget by Matthew Hine, Head of Product at Radix DLT

3. Open-source code contributors: incentives?!

5. Self-incentivizing development on the Radix platform

Radix, (Latin for root) of the financial revolution?

6. Radix DLT “On revolutions”
7. GoodFi: https://www.goodfi.com/
8. Do you want to use or sell this chance/card?

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