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One Network. One Ticket. One Click. No hassle!

FOUNDED: 2021, Ireland & Germany
WHITEPAPER: The Mobility Blockchain Platform Whitepaper
The bloXmove’s decentralised B2B Mobility Blockchain Platform (MBP) aims to establish an open mobility ecosystem that empowers people to access more integrated and transparent mobility services worldwide. The technical solution — based on Qurum, Ethereum, Corda and decentralised digital identities (DIDs) has been developed in a test environment with Daimler Mobility AG, which assigned blockchain software license to bloXmove. A tokenised Power & Mobility energy blockchain platform that will offer the decentralised network to interconnect electric power and electric mobility is also in development! bloXmove will seamlessly connect relevant providers in one big alliance and integrate a cooperative ecosystem.
CHAIN: Quorum/Ethereum/Corda
MBP is a Quorum based software with a layered architecture for smart contracts and a shared ledger on Ethereum and Corda connected via APIs and EVM.
LAUNCH/MAINNET: MBP is ready for production, and the token protocol will launch in September 2021 (migration to new mainnet is TBA)
*Mobility Blockchain Platform

*Power & Mobility

EXISTING CUSTOMERS AND USERS: bloXmove already has five industrial partners and pilots signed with leading industrial companies. More details will follow shortly.
bloXmove is building a decentralised mobility infrastructure and mobility alliance for service providers, Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), leverages DIDs, suggests ticketing solutions, and builds energy blockchain platform Power & Mobility.
Some initiatives use DLT for new mobility solutions, such as Mobility Blockchain Initiative (MOBI) or Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA). Still, Daimler’s Mobility Blockchain Platform is amongst the pioneers in building a blockchain-based mobility infrastructure. As already mentioned, Daimler Mobility granted a licence to bloXmove. Sony Corporation has started developing a blockchain-based common database platform to help facilitate mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) solutions in collaboration with the Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure, the same as bloXmove plans on doing. IBM is also exploring the possibilities of blockchain-based MaaS. EU-based MaaS Alliance is an international Mobility as a Service community building an open market for smart and green mobility solutions. Their ecosystem involves blockchain-based startups.
We could mention several DID/SSI, car sharing, ticketing and green energy solutions within tokenised blockchain-based projects, but none of them is as complete as bloXmove. Many of those could be collaborating with bloXmove in the future as bloXmove could become part of MOBI Alliance, would fit well in the Energy Web Foundation consortium with their Power & Mobility, find a way to synergise with Netherlands based GET Protocol and their NFT Ticketing or built a pilot with Sovrin’s successor Verim/cheqd that leverages SSI/DID technology, what already seems to be the case with Ontology’s ONT ID.

bloXmove’s advantages compared to other market participants

bloXmove team currently consists of eleven employees, but the goal is to at least double the group by 2022! Let us introduce bloXmove’s core team members.

*Sophia Rödiger, Founder & CEO. Sophia is a business psychologist with seven years of experience in the mobility and automotive industry. She was a startup scout, corporate investor and managed the startup collaborations before she founded her first consultancy venture in 2019 -MountainMinds GmbH. Here she led teams and mainly worked in innovation, transformation and digital marketing for Daimler. Sophia is certified Design Thinking, Working Out Loud coach as well as a yoga teacher.

*Dr. Harry Behrens, Co-Founder & CTO. Software, blockchain and networks expert. Founded and led the Daimler Mobility Blockchain Factory and designed the Mobility Blockchain Platform. Harry has been involved with blockchain since 2012, has a master’s degree in Computer Science from TU Munich and a PhD in Information Engineering from the University of Tokyo. Both graduation theses were on applied and distributed AI. Harry was also a Head of IT — Digital & Mobility Services at Mercedes-Benz Financial Services China.
Watch Harry on Industry Insights: “Blockchain in 2021, Crypto Assets and the Mobility Industry” and FFCON21: May 13 Green Blockchain Deal — How Decentralized Tech can be Used Facilitate Grid Balancing

*Asmaa Jamil, COO. Global Executive with over two decades of experience in credit and entrepreneurship and serving as a for-profit and NGO Board of Directors. Adept at gaining and exchanging knowledge in various aspects of the mobility, financial services, automotive and retail industries.

*Bernd Hanisch, CFO. Over 20 years of experience in fleet management. Bernd has expertise in finance, operations and product management. Bernd is Product Manager at Athlon Germany.

*Alexander Hoeptner — 100x group/BitMex (CEO); Stuttgart stock exchange (former chairman of the supervisory board); EuWax AG (former CEO)
*David K. Goh — PTV Group (VP APAC); Daimler Mobility AG (former general manager in charge of mobility service portfolio)
*Dr. Carsten Stoecker — Spherity (Founder & CEO); former council member of World Economic Forum;
*Dr. Christian Stredicke — Vodia (Founder & CEO); snom (Founder and former CEO)
*Miguel Muñoz de Morales — Orange (Head of Consulting); Mercedes-Benz Consulting (former International Consultant)
*Rojin Nair — Advisory/incubation of startups; CSO at agryo; Head of Product Innovation at Everlink; Mentor at R3


*Ontology — a blockchain for self-sovereign ID and data that developed ONT ID, a DID-based decentralised identity framework. Ontology partnered with Daimler Mobility Blockchain Platform and bloXmove. Daimler Mobility AG already collaborated with Ontology on the “Wallet Home” in-Car system MVP that enables anonymous one-time verification and customization of any vehicle according to your presence.

Harry Behrens:

*Spherity — advisor and capability partner. Spherity is providing digital ID cloud and verifiable credential solutions. Spherity’s technology can leverage decentralised identity (DID) protocol Hyperldeger Indy, the technology behind Sovrin, enterprise blockchain Quorum, or even public Ethereum. It also provides numerous security options for storing keys, including custodial hardware security modules.

*51nodes — capability partner. 51nodes is a provider of crypto-economy solutions and offers technical consulting and implementation focusing on smart contracts, DApps and tokenisation of assets.

* — an accelerator program

*Outlier Ventures — bloXmove was part of Outlier’s Bootcamp startup acceleration program.

Jaime Burke from Outlier Ventures:

*f10 — acceleration program where bloXmove has been selected out of 400 great tech startups

*Daimler Mobility AG assigned blockchain software license to bloXmove, enabling the further development of the open mobility blockchain platform.

Carmen Roth-Schäfer, Chief Technology Officer at Daimler Mobility AG:

Previously, one of the most exciting blockchain trials run by Daimler Mobility was in conjunction with Boerse Stuttgart and others for using the public Ethereum blockchain to fund industrial machinery, vehicle fleets and energy infrastructure. The concept is that investors get paid based on usage.

*Outlier Ventures
*Master Ventures


bloXmove will provide an open mobility protocol based on the BLXM token. By earning or holding this token, companies can connect their vehicles to bloXmove to offer decentralized mobility services.
Users can consume these services with BLXM. The native token BLXM is also the utility token for the bloXmove Power& Mobility platform, and its purpose is to:
-incentivize sharing of resources and rewards environmentally friendly usage
-fund and support green infrastructure and rewards carbon-free mobility
-be used as a token governance mechanism that ensures fully democratised governance and inclusive participation

Platform users will be able to pay in both FIAT or BLXM. Read more about BLXM token use case HERE!

How does the payment work in practice?
0) operators pay platform fees to bloXmove by using internal value units (IVU)
1) customers pay the operator in FIAT for a valid claim to services by all operators
2) service operators deliver service based on verification of credentials and identity of operator and consumer
3) FIAT is put into escrow, and IVU is issued
4) BLXM are minted to reward contribution to the platform as well as staking and validation
5) BLXM can also be used to settle internal liabilities
6) internal treasury module handles IVU-BLXM swaps
7) treasury handles swapping of BLXM to USDC on DEX and LPs

bloXmove payment system

TOKEN: BLXM/ERC-20 (until mainnet)

1,60% Seed Sale (6-month cliff and 18-month linear vesting)
2,19% Private Sale (1-month cliff and 6-month linear vesting)
2,88% Investor Presale (1-month cliff and 6-month linear vesting)
2,00% Public Sale (unlocked)
24,00% Equity Holders (6-month cliff and 24-month linear vesting)
13,34% Advisors (6-month cliff and 24-month linear vesting)
54,00% Foundation (60-month linear vesting)
100,00% Total

Early Backers: equity + token
Seed: $400k raise with $25M valuation ($0,50/BLXM)
Private: $700k raise with $32M valuation ($0,64/BLXM)
Presale: $1,0M raise with $35M valuation ($0,70/BLXM)
Public: $800k raise with $40M valuation ($0,80/BLXM)

The public sale is expected in September 2021! bloXmove has a partnership with Master Ventures, and their PAID Ignition will launch the token!

Recently bloXmove started acceleration programs at f10 and Outlier Ventures Bootcamp, began to raise funds in several rounds, and is developing the token protocol. bloXmove plans to launch its first pilot in the summer, followed by public sale on PAID Ignition and BLXM token launch in September 2021. By the end of the year, the team intends to launch an additional 3 to 5 pilots. Within the next 6–12 months, bloXmove will build a Minimum Viable Ecosystem (MVE) of Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) and scale it.

Major priority tasks on the roadmap are:
- taking the pilots live (already signed up with leading industrial companies)
- token launch and token economics
- platform deployment in the Netherlands Mobility as a Service ecosystem.
- showcase the result of a stealth project with a major Chinese blockchain group

More about the migration of MBP from Qurom will be shared in the future!

Telegram (666)
Twitter (900)


bloXmove is building a mobility infrastructure for seamless, cooperative, urban mobility based on the software developed by Daimler Mobility. The main goal of bloXmove is to help form a global alliance of all mobility providers to reduce complexity for platform users. The alliance could consist of taxis, bikes and trains — the sky is not the limit, spaceships included.

Sophia Rödiger:

The bloXmove Mobility Blockchain Platform (MBP) is a B2B Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform designed and built to provide a common infrastructure around which mobility services can be orchestrated, operated and financially settled.

BloXmove presented the advantages and solutions for mobility service providers and the possibilities of their MBP product which is elaborated in the following.

*BloXmove provides a B2B ‘Platform as a Service’ for online transactions:
- With an effortless integration through standardised, open-source protocols and APIs;
- With an end-to-end smart transaction service incl. identification, verification, digital signature and financial settlement, as well as revenue distribution in real-time.

*Service providers using bloXmove’s MBP can improve their current customer services and realise new B2C or B2E offerings:
- ‘All-in-one journeys’ within the ecosystem of this Mobility Alliance by service roaming;
- User only needs to on-board once: reduce onboarding fees for you as a provider;
- Secure portability of user-profiles and data preserving confidentiality;
- 1 click integrated offerings increase user stickiness;
- Providers keep their customer relationships as well as the data;
- Accessing the service network through free and open-source protocols and APIs;
- Offering its services as a verified ecosystem partner within the network;
- Accessing available services offered by other verified providers within the network;
- Order resources and services offered within the network;
- Settle the use of services or resources digitally.

Decentralized ledger technology (DLT) based MaaS solutions and initiatives are emerging what is highlighted in the “Competitor” section. Blockchain in mobility can help with transparent supply chain throughout the whole process, IoT and communication of autonomous vehicles and sensors as well as its status and data processing but mainly offers transparent and decentralised mobility infrastructure for financial and mobility solutions that seamlessly and effortlessly connect relevant providers and users to the trusted mobility network.

BloXmove presented two prominent use cases for MBP:
1)Urban Mobility — to help solve the issues of highly fragmented mobility market and to making urban mobility 1-click and 1-stop to customers

2)Energy — to unite Power & Mobility and offer vehicle-to-grid applications. Power & Mobility will try to solve the flexibility issue of renewable energy by coupling the power and mobility sectors where the battery of electric vehicles plays a new role. By this coupling, electric vehicles can be used to balance power grids relying on renewable energy to achieve end-to-end, net-zero carbon-neutral mobility.

bloXmove and its MBP is leveraging the Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) that enable verifiable, decentralised digital identity — it’s a concept that gives back control of identity to consumers through the use of an identity wallet in which they collect verified information about themselves from certified issuers. One of the main benefits of DID protocols is that they are interoperable and not embedded into any blockchain but can very easily be anchored on any chain and allow the passing of DID-based signatures and verified credentials between one Blockchain and the other.

What about the underlying MBP technology? MBP has layered architecture and is currently Quorum based permissioned EVM compatible layer-1 with integrated EVM layers for smart contracting, transactions and shared ledger. All the assigned DIDs will be anchored to MBP (IDs, credentials, KYC, wallets for clients and devices, ticketing). At the same time, the smart contracting and transactions would happen on permissionless Ethereum, and B2B shared ledger for the financial settlement layer will be connected to Corda. MBP will be connected to other layers via APIs and EVM.

Later, bloXmove will migrate from Quorum and build the MBP mainnet on another EVM compatible chain (e.g. Moonbeam, Celo…). More about this migration will be explained shortly.

bloXmove will also explore NFT token standards for ticketing and propriety rights.

One Network. One Ticket. One Click. No hassle!

As already mentioned, Dr Harry Behrens founded and led the Daimler Mobility Blockchain Factory and designed the Mobility Blockchain Platform (MBP) at Daimler Mobility AG. Daimler assigned a blockchain software license to bloXmove, enabling the further development of the open Mobility Blockchain Platform.

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Researchers & fundamental analysts (::) Building crypto thirsty Cryp2Gem community. Searching and researching for blockchain future disruptive innovators.

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Researchers & fundamental analysts (::) Building crypto thirsty Cryp2Gem community. Searching and researching for blockchain future disruptive innovators.