Disclaimer — Since the emergence of the metaverse, we have seen an insurgence of blockchain games, some good, some ok and many that are terrible. The aim of our reviews is to quickly highlight individual blockchain game projects and score it out of ten. There are a set range of…

DeFi itself needs to be disrupted before it can disrupt TradFi! Enter Radix _-*

Community report — by Hermes Radvocado

Hello C2G community!

My name is Hermes Radvocado, at your service.
An alias that doesn’t sound familiar in the C2G community but hopefully this report can change that a bit.

I got into contact with Samo from C2G in relation to a potential AMA collaboration with Radix. We agreed that…


Researchers & fundamental analysts (::) Building crypto thirsty Cryp2Gem community. Searching and researching for blockchain future disruptive innovators.

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